Food & Wine is my passion – and luckily also my job.

Add to this my love of great rugby – and the idea for a Food & Wine pairing website  was born over a pint of Guinness for some and a glass of Argentinian Malbec for me at Twickenham. If you’ve ever wondered about what wine you should – or even better – could! – pair with various foods – then Love Wine Food will give you with a wide range of suggestions from around the World to tempt and experiment with.

If you’ve bought some pheasant and no idea what wine to drink with it – or you’ve been given a heavenly bottle of Barbaresco and want to find the best recipe to show it off – you’ve come to the right place! If you’d like to get in touch , I’d love to hear from you! Do take a look at our range of  Wine Tours for 2024  And my book Watercress, Willow & Wine, a celebration of recipes and wines from English vineyards is now released and available to order now.

Cindy-Marie Harvey