Rugby & Wine!

Whilst Rugby often conjures up the image of beer, beer and more beer – for me unsurprisingly, it means wine
– which can be a challenge at some grounds (Twickers in particular need to get their internal bars sorted out as the choice is diabolical – no point having a fabulous mobile wine bar outside in the car park only!). But for watching matches at home or at your own local, it’s always good to try and drink the wine  and enjoy national foods of the team you are following.

With the approach of the Six Nations season, do dip into the team sections for England, Wales, Scotland, France, Ireland and Italy for suggestions as to what to eat and drink during the match – so round up your rugby loving mates and hold a Six Nations party!

(Below are the team round ups of what to eat and drink  that I wrote for the Rugby World Cup – so just pick out those 6 Nations! – the food & drink ideas are all very drinkable and eatable!)